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Albin Nimbus

Here’s another boat I like, the Albin Nimbus. This boat has appealed to me for some time, as I’m a sucker for the old Swan look (someone on a forum I read called it a Swannabe, which is pretty cute) – and actually might prefer Kaufman-Ladd’s designs from the 80’s, as they have relatively lower freeboard, and are less pinched in the ends (to my eye).

Albin Nimbus on Boat-Specs

Albin Nimbus on Sailboatdata

Some Sailnet discussion

I think this boat would be good for passagemaking – looks like it would be good in a blow, and capable of going to weather in tough conditions, also, something that modern boats don’t tend to be. I want a boat to do everything for me, of course – be lightweight and fast, comfortable in bad weather, bright and spacious down below, yet safe to move around in when things are tossing and turning. In other words there is no boat that would satisfy me, but I end up being drawn to this sort of boat most of the time. Of course this would be more comfortable offshore in a blow and less comfortable at anchor doing what boats are used for more often than not – so maybe it’s not a good trade-off?

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